Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Next Chapter

Why do we spend so much of our lives lying to ourselves? Following expectations set out for us by others instead of looking to God and within ourselves and really seeing the path that will make us happy? Seeing that path, and yet giving into temptations that will lead us in the opposite direction? Settling for following what we think we need instead of the blessings that are waiting for us? Maybe it's just me?

All my life I've been good with kids. Maybe it sounds conceited, but I'm just naturally good with them. I added to that education and experience working with a very diverse population of children and families. I've discovered many things that I love about working with kids in a professional setting, and things I'm good at. I've also discovered many things I hate about working in professional child care, and things I am not so good at. Here's a hint: playing nice with my classmates (coworkers) is not one of the things I'm good at.

When I was in graduate school, I worked as a nanny for an amazing little girl, who I will simply call "E" for the purposes of this blog. I loved going to work in the morning, I loved watching her grow and learn; knowing I had a hand in it. I loved running errands and cooking or cleaning so that her parents could spend their time at home with their little girl instead of other tasks. I loved that her parents were amazing people who invited me to form a team with them, and were grateful and so supportive of me and of course were supportive of E.

I have never used the word "love" when describing a job before. I've had ones I liked okay, lots of ones I ended up hating for various reasons. Never loved.

After school, I left E for a job that paid a little bit more and had a few more hours. It was teaching preschool, and I was determined that this time would not be like all the other times. I wouldn't get burned out. Uh huh, and one day I'll calculate my tip correctly on the first try. I do not regret taking this job. I have learned more working with at risk preschoolers than I did my entire time at grad school. But the time has come to move on. The time has come to stop telling myself that nanny is not a fancy enough title, that the only job in the world that has made me happy isn't something I can really make work in my life. God has given me a gift, and I am not refusing it any longer. 

Though I do not yet have kids of my own, I hope that this blog will provide support, laughter, inspiration, ideas, a shoulder to cry on, interpersonal connections, crafts, games, projects and much more to parents, teachers, nannies, aunties and uncles and anyone else who is around children. I'm not an expert but I did a lot of school, cared for a lot of kids and most importantly, I'm pleasantly sarcastic. I hope you enjoy.


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